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 Welcome back to wesandm, kinda. As you see, we got a new name. We are officially back on the Internet. People were not treating this site well and we went offline for a while. In the "New Features And Minor Updates" section, you can see exactly what happened. That section also contains the newest things on this site. Right before we went down, we added a thing called UserTube. Please go check it out. It is a video channel you CrazyWacky Games users can put videos of you on. See UserTube for more details.

Please sign up. Don't worry, for it is free and safe. Your email is never shared under any circumstance.

This site now has a new email address, crazywackygames@webname.com. Email comments, thoughts, and suggestions to me at that account.

If you don't want to give your last name in the forms, you can just put your last initial or something. It just won't let you submit the form with that field empty.

Check out the New Features And Minor Updates section because I have made a few changes lately that you should see.

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